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Dementia Carer

Please see latest news articles below from South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire as well as those from farther afield. 

We hope you enjoy reading our news and any feedback is always welcome.

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30th April 2014 - New facebook app launched to simulate the symptoms of Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Research UK launches app to enable people to experience life with Alzheimer's Disease. 

Find out more here

24th November 2015 - Christmas newsletter!

So, it has been 18months since we launched! 

In that time nearly 12,000 people have visited the site, many for more than one time. Each person stays an average of 3 minutes unless they are from one of the areas where local services are included. For those areas the average stay is much longer at around 4.5 minutes. 

In other news we now have Local Services from Bradford and York included. We have taken this opportunity to revamp the Local Services section. We have added buttons for Dementia support and groups, and Carers' support and groups, and made a Quick Links section so you can get to the service detail more quickly. Let us know what you think. 


Other new content includes more videos from Bradford including some on looking after someone with diabetes who is living with dementia. We have shared these with the All Party Parliamentary Group on dementia and co-morbidities. 


We are currently reviewing the Local Services for South Yorkshire so please let us know if any changes are needed. 

 Season's Greetings from

Sharon, Tom, Jade and Ben. 




21st June 2016 - Summer newsletter

So the sun is finally out and we can start to look forward to spending time outside at last! 


Here at we have spent the winter working on the site and specifically adding in two new buttons. 

The first of these is: Caring from a distance in the My Relationship section of the site. This came about in repsonse to the large number of carers, particularly sons and daughters who are in this situation. In this section we have videos from carers in this situation as well as links to resources to help. 

The second new button we have added is: Dementia Friendly Communities in the Friends and Family area of the site. This has links to all the Dementia Friendly organisations in the local areas. We are inputting these links currently. 

We are also changing the way we update the local services. From now on organisations will receive an email from the site asking them to check details. This will hopefully make the process much quicker. Let us know what you think!

In other developments we are continuing to develop the Professional login area. Please do let us have any feedback on this. 

Happy summer to you all.


Sharon,Tom and Jade

19th August 2016 - Rhapsody: a joint EU project to improve the care of people with Young Onset Dementia

The main goal of RHAPSODY is to improve care for people with YOD by supporting their carers. The project will create an educational, web-based, interactive e-learning programme which is tailored to the needs of this particular group of people.

RHAPSODY has four major aims. First, to evaluate the policy and information environment that provides the framework for the treatment and care of people with YOD and their carers in six European countries. Second, to assess the specific and individual needs of this particular group. Third, to use this information for designing an internet-based, multimedia, interactive learning course for carers of people with YOD. Fourth, to test this learning course in a pilot study at three sites in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Get involved here