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04th July 2017 - We are Makers

The ordinary will become extraordinary and through a culmination of experiences we aim for local older people to be celebrated, inspired and more connected to their neighbours, community and local services.

The diverse mix of skills, experience and knowledge is often overlooked in our older populations (from 50+). We want to showcase and celebrate this wealth in our city; discovering unheard stories, showing off forgotten skills and developing new connections




The walk to the GP will become a photography exhibition of local older gardeners, the supermarket will become an older musicians’ residence, and a local street will have a community blackboard pop up asking neighbours questions about their hopes and dreams.


We have 3 months to explore, test and evaluate the “We are Makers” concept. We will present our findings with aim to successfully receive funding for a further 12 months. We have chosen to focus on Burngreave during this time and hope to;


Find out who some of our older makers are and have a pop up exhibition telling their stories. Who are the active, helpful, energetic, supportive older people that help Burngreave tick?


Map out in the treasures and stars of the community for older communities. Is there a librarian that helps older people connect with others or a community centre that always opens its doors?


Run a public event that brings older people together to talk, eat and celebrate.  


Form a small group of older people that represent some of lesser heard voices in the community to inform on the above events, help form the potential programme for the next 12 months and ensure we are running a relevant and meaningful programme to reaches to the most isolated older people. These older people will be our educators.


Ultimately we want to bring people together, celebrate the diversity of the community, showcase what is already happening in the area and help to signpost these activities or groups to more older people.


If you can help in any way from signposting us to existing provision in Burngreave we can help advertise, to introducing us to a local older person that could be one of our educators please get in touch with or call 01142686813. Please see the call out for educators and makers attached.


This project is funded by Age Better Sheffield, managed by South Yorkshire Housing Association.