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Dementia Carer

About Us

Dementia Carer has been developed with and by family members who look after someone who has dementia.

About Us Old People

A journey

This site came about after a bit of news and a question hanging unvoiced in the air at the end of the phone. The question was this: well Tom if you're so clever, what are you going to do to help?

That's the trouble with being a long way away. It's not always easy to provide practical help.

So I decided to try to do something and I hope that, with all the other people who have decided to try to do something too, we have together made something that will be useful in helping carers and their loved ones to live well.

It seems like it is a start, and we will keep trying to make it better.

Tom Chrisp April 2014.

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So many supporters and contributors

Our work began with some research. The 94 family members who gave their time and shared their thoughts and sometimes tears were very courageous to do so and it is their experience that is the cornerstone of these resources.

In the NHS and in local authorities there are people who believe in the potential of this new work and have had the courage to take the risks to create something different. Without them we could not do this work. 

The video clips were given with great openness and candour and, though most would deny it, a lot of bravery, to tell it like it is, with hard won ideas for how to cope.

Thank you does not begin to cover it. We will try to do justice to what you have given.